Situated at the end of NTU’s well-known Royal Palm Avenue, the General Library is NTU’s main library. It is the largest university library in Taiwan. In addition, there are two branch libraries: the Medical Library and the Law and Social Science Library. With its rich book collection of more than 2,400,000 volumes and comfortable atmosphere, the General Library has become a popular place where many students like to stay and study between and after classes. On the fourth floor, there is a Multimedia Center containing a large collection of classical films and audiotapes. On the B1 level, students can use a large, comfortable 24-hour study room. students will be asked to present your student ID card when you enter the library.
NTU Medical Library provides our institute with extensive resources both qualitatively and quantitatively, including book collections and periodicals. To meet the needs of our faculty members and students, the College of Public Health annually funds the Medical Library to provide academic books and periodicals in public health.
The Institute library collects the books, periodicals and thesis.

NTU Library
NTU Medical Library