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Life Infomation

At the beginning of the first year of enrollment, the institute holds a meeting specifically for the new students to explicate the requirement of coursework and living circumstance.
Each student is assigned an adviser, who is responsible for giving academic consultations. Advisers, too, play an important role in students' living, offering pertinent suggestions and encouragements if necessary.

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A. Near the public health building (labeled in yellow)
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For A area, there are 2 student buffet, with your student ID, you can buy with 12NTD/ 100g meal. The tea shop would give you discount for 5 NTD per drink.
For B area, it is in the basic medical building. The second floor restaurant sells breakfast, meals and juice on weekdays, and in the basement, you can buy coffee and pork intestine thin noodles.
Area C is the food plaza in the B1 floor of NTU hospital. With student ID you can get 10% off in several stores.
For D area, there are several breakfast and lunch restaurants and tea shop as well as convenient stores. Here also has traditional Chinese breakfast like soymilk and fritters
B. Near Gongguan (labeled in brown)
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For area A, the student ID have discount in every shop. Here has family mart, breakfast, meals, bakery and McDonald.
B area, the famous “little tree house pancake” can be found here with the smell and the roll waiting to get the pancake. With ID you can get 5 NTD off. To buy in Xiao Xiao Fu commissary, you have to prepare just the number of money because they use cash box that never gives change.
Area C is plaza in second floor that you can have drink, meals or afternoon tea. Different shop has different discount.
Area D is the famous Gongguan shopping district. Food, coffee and all-you-can-eat hotpots are welcoming you.
Area E is the second student activity center, where you can enjoy some luxury food with 10% off. You may like the subway and curry here.
Note that there are some Starbucks labels as S in this map.
C. The whole Taipei city
Beside the shopping district introduced before, you may want to try some local eating in night market, like Huaxi Street Night Market(華西街夜市), South Airport Night (南機場夜市), Nanya (南雅夜市), Ningxia(寧夏夜市), Shilin(士林夜市), Raohe Street(饒河街夜市), Jingmei(景美夜市)In New Taipei city you can try Tamsui Old Street(淡水老街), Fu Jen Catholic University Night Market(輔大夜市) or Lehua night market(樂華夜市).