Congratulations to Professor Duan-Rung Chen for becoming the Director of Center for Population and Gender Studies (CPGS)

  • 2016-01-25
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Congratulations to Professor Duan-Rung Chen for becoming the Director of Center for Population and Gender Studies (CPGS). 

To operate in accordance with the demands for social development and economic construction, as well as to strengthen research and teaching about population, NTU hosted a “Population Issues” seminar in 1972, headed by the NTU Dean of Academic Affairs, Professor Huo-yao WEI. During this seminar, a resolution was agreed upon; and subsequently a Research Team on Population issues was formed to promote the study of the related issues. In 1974, after one year of preparation, the Population Study Center was established. In addition, to promote women's study, the Women Research Program was established in 1985 under the sponsorship of the Asian Foundation, to set into action a study of the relationship between the two genders. Since then, the Program has led the promotion and study of related issues in Taiwan . To match the function and designation of the Center, the Center was renamed "Center for Population and Gender Studies (CPGS)", and is the only one academic unit that specializes in population and gender studies in Taiwan .

The Center for Population and Gender Studies has officially established for thirty five years. It has developed to today's scale for the distribution of many scholars and experts. The previous directors and executive secretaries includes: director Huo-yao WEI and executive secretary Tsong-Shien WU ) director Chi-ching YAO , director Hong-Chin TSAI, director Cheng-Hung LIAO , executive secretary Lan-hung CHIANG , executive secretary Yeu-Sheng HSIEH, executive secretary Chin-Hong SUN, director Tung-liang CHIANG , director Shwu-Chong WU , director Cherng-tay HSUEH , director Jin-hua ZHANG, and director Bih-hearn Virginia Lee . Professor Duan-Rung Chen will be the new director on 2016-02-01.

The most distinguishing feature of National Taiwan University 's Center for Population and Gend er Studies is that it is interdisciplinary-oriented. It brings together faculty members from the College of Medicine , Public Health, Social Sciences, Agricultural, Science, Liberal Arts and Engineering to proceed on in-depth and comprehensive researches on population problems in Taiwan . These researches involve diversified fields, such as life quality of the population in Taiwan , urban & rural development and demographic transition, demographic shift and area development, family plan and social factors, labor force and education, as well as recently emerging topics of discussion – population aging and new immigrants. 

The Web adddress of 
 Center for Population and Gender Studies (CPGS) is http://www.psc.ntu.edu.tw/indexeg.php