Date Title
Assistant Prof. Shu-Sen Chang receives Award from Tiente Lee Biomedical Foundation
【Talk】2017.10.6 Research updates on working with mass media and social media to prevent suicide
2017 Freshmen Talks was rounded off on 2017.09.08.
Transition: Chang-Chuan Chan is the new dean at National Taiwan University College of Public Health. Wei J. Chen previously served as dean.
Congratulations to Associate Prof. Jiun-Hau Huang for Reciving the certificate of Adolescent Health Expert of Taiwan Society for Adolescent Medicine and Health in 2016
Congratulations to Student Shih-Tse Huang & Jen-Hao Chu for Reciving 2016 Lee Foundation Extraordinary Master & Doctor Paper Award
Congratulations to Professor Duan-Rung Chen for becoming the Director of Center for Population and Gender Studies (CPGS)
2015 Taiwan Public Health Association Joint Annual Meeting Poster Award
【Workshop】11/2 John Snow and the Birth of Causal Inference
Congratulations to Professor Duan-Rung Chen for becoming the editor-in-chief of Journal of Population Studie.
An exploration of tampon use intentions among female college students based on the Theory of Planned Behavior: examining sexual orientation and gender characteristic as effect modifiers
2016 Special Admission Quotas for Recommended Students
Taiwan Researchers Find Poverty and Poor Health Could No Longer Be Intertwined
【Workshop】 Social media data and public health research
Congratulations to Chao-Jen Shih (施朝仁) on winning 2015  Best Clinical Research Award, La Roche-Posay Asia-Pacific Foundation