Yu-Chan Chiu
Job Title Associate Professor
Name Yu-Chan Chiu
Office Tel No. (02)3366-4419
Email ychiu@ntu.edu.tw
Fields of Specialty Health communication; Risk Communication; Media Reproduction
NTU Academic Hub http://ah.ntu.edu.tw/web/Teacher!one.action?tid=1537
Year Paper Title
2010 Chiu, Y., Reducing Uncertainty, Enhancing Control and Support: The Role of The Internet in Cancer Patients’ Ill Experience, COMET 2010, United States of America ,
2010 Chiu, Y., Is It Detrimental or Beneficial? The Role of the Internet in Doctor-Patient Communication in Cancer Care, EACH 2010, Italy ,
2009 Chiu, Y., The doctor-patient communication in cybermedicine: do patients receive the good quality of information?, Paper presented at COMET 2009, N/A ,
2009 Chiu, Y, The Media Construction of Health: The Discourse Analysis of the Advertisements of Dietary Supplements in Taiwan, Paper presented at IAMCR 2009, Mexico ,
2008 Chiu, Y., What was reported and who talked in the news? An analysis of news coverage of a medical dispute., Paper presented at IAMCR 2008, N/A ,
2008 Chiu, Y., The ambiguous scientific assurances conveyed in the advertisements of dietary supplements., Paper presented at COMET 2008, N/A ,
2007 Chiu, Y., The drive of patients to claim physician malpractice., Paper presented at COMET (Fifth interdisciplinary conference on communication, medicine and ethics) conference 2007 in Lugano, Switzerland, N/A ,
2006 Chiu, Y., Voice, power and the news media: who constructs the picture of doctor-patient relationships in Taiwan., Paper presented at ICA conference in Dresden, Germany, N/A ,
2006 Chiu, Y., The neglected feeling and absolute trust: the potential factors related to pursuing malpractice claims., Paper presented at EACH conference 2006 in Basel, Switzerland, N/A ,
2004 Chiu, Y., Voices, power and the news media, presented in Social Behavioral Sciences Faculty Seminar, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA., N/A ,